extraordinary spaces,
shaped for extraordinary people

Conversion Works is not just a contractor. Not just a team of passionate craftsmen shaping the spaces of tomorrow. Conversion Works is a company where we help professionals create and build structures that withstand the test of time.

We’re a go-to partner for architects, decorators and interior designers. As creatives, we speak the same language. We’re able to take designs to the next level and integrate daring features into your work. Proactiveness and transparency are key in the way we work with construction professionals.

The physical environment we live in reveals a big part of our identity. Those surroundings can be formed either deliberately through design or naturally by chance.

At Conversion Works we strongly believe in a fully integrated approach to shaping spaces. Our goal is therefore to combine a meticulously reasoned functionality with an authentic personality.

The characteristics of the space, the location and the client create the overall identity of each individual project. This vision gives us the ability of shaping extraordinary spaces.

Our clients are design lovers, with a strong demand for functionality. We design, construct & renovate for high-end custom homes & commercial spaces. Unrivaled attention to detail and client service anchor our design culture.